How to make money on Etsy

The first thing people say after a few months on Etsy is, “WHY AM I NOT GETTING ANY SALES!”. Well don’t worry, I am here to help you. I will show you how to make money on Etsy.

After 2 years on Etsy (Approximately 15/16 months of actual selling overall), I am going to teach you how I have used Etsy to pay all of my monthly bills.

I Had 3 total Etsy shops within the time quoted above. My main one is still running here ( MY ETSY SHOP).In this 2 year time span, I have had roughly 2500-3000 sales. Because my three shops were selling items that were too similar to one another, I combined everything into one shop and closed the other two down. I didn’t want to get shut down.

In my guide, I will also show you Etsy Confirmation Emails from my Gmail accounts for those two other stores that total about 1500+ sales.

This isn’t some “SEO Hack” tutorial, etc. These are going to be straight forward pointers and tips that will show you how to make money on Etsy. .

Here’s the Kicker:

After trying different methods, grossing well over $60 000 etc, I finally found a foolproof method that I use that helps me determine which keywords I should be using and how many other people use those same phrases.

Why is this important?

It’s the most important piece of information that I can think of knowing. If you sell Invitations and you use the keyword phrase – Boys Blue Birthday Invitation – how do you know the amount of people that are using the same keyword phrase as you are in the search engine? How do you know if it is worth your time to use it? Are 50 people using it or 2500 people using it?

It Gets Better

Once you know this vital piece of information, you will know exactly which page you will rank for that keyword and almost down to the row and column! This is the key to Etsy search engine optimization. You can find some really low competing phrases that nobody else is using and basically cluster up those pages with your listing.

Want to know the best part?

 I’m also going to go in depth and tell you how important each one of these are for Google SEO: Things like what Google looks for in each of these, how long your title should be and what Google only reads.


Why Should I pay for your guide when I can google lots of free information?

You can certainly google information. I have been doing this for up to 2 years and still couldn’t find the relevant information that I needed. I am a proven seller with a long track record. That in itself is worth a lot. I did the work for you. You won’t find my method on Google. I will also send you a link to a tool I use that makes my process much more efficient.

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How important is making a good side income to you?

How nice would it be to make extra cash and not worry about things like rent at the end of the month, etc?

Is $19.99 worth all of that for you?

If you think it would be a sound investment to propel your Etsy store to the next level, then help yourself and get my guide! You won’t regret it.



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